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BodySurfing Handplane

BodySurfing Handplane

Our hand planes are designed to maximize the amount of Stoke On your Stomach.

With a classic tapered tail and nose rocker, this plane provides good lift and holds well on the wave face.

Hand crafted from locally sourced cedar wood - lightweight, buoyant, strong but flexible. Ideal for hand planes
Finished with  marine spar varnish to further protect the wood and provide a beautiful finish.
Adjustable strap allows for easy fit to any rider's hand size. Stainless steel hardware resists rust.
Measures approximately 12" x 7" x .75"

Perfect size for any shore break and easily fits in carry on bags in case there are waves while traveling.

We now also take custom orders so if you're interested in a different size, shape, color, please ask - we are happy to accommodate.

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